How to Convert your CPAP into Cash

Cash for your Used CPAP Machine


 When considering what to do with your used CPAP machine, there are essentially four options. These options include: selling, donating, recycling, and keeping for a backup.

Selling your CPAP Machine

Selling your CPAP machine is a great way to earn some extra cash. However, selling a CPAP machine to someone without a prescription is illegal, which rules out sites like Craigslist and eBay. It is best to find an authorized dealer of CPAP machines who will resell to customers with valid prescriptions. It’s essential to keep in mind that a prescription is necessary for determining the correct type of machine and the optimized pressure settings for the individual. At Hiro Health, we are currently offering up to $400 on gently used ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet CPAP machines. Fill out the form here and receive an automated offer via email.

Donating your CPAP Machine

There are plenty of people who require sleep therapy but cannot obtain a CPAP machine simply due to the cost. Unfortunately, there are plenty of reasons people cannot afford the cost of treatment, whether they lack insurance or have plans with high deductibles. If you have a machine you are no longer using, you can help by donating it to an organization that offers free or discounted CPAP machines to individuals in need of one. Hiro Health is proud to accept CPAP donations.


Recycling your Machine

 If you have a CPAP machine in lousy condition or no longer working, you can recycle it. Make sure it is recycled and not just trashed, so it stays out of the landfills. Also, remember that your CPAP machine can likely be fixed, so consider all your options before getting rid of it.

Keeping your CPAP Machine

 One of the more apparent options when considering what to do with your used machine is keeping it as a backup. Keeping your device is a good option if you continue therapy and upgrade your current CPAP machine. This helps ensure you won’t miss a night of sleep therapy!

The average life span of a well-maintained CPAP machine is three to five years or about 15000 usage hours. Most insurance companies will compensate for a new device within this timeframe, or the individual can purchase a new machine via a cash-paying website, like Assuming the CPAP machine is cleaned regularly, and supplies are replaced on the recommended schedule- it’s safe to predict your machine will last you three to five years. The question then becomes, what are you to do with your CPAP machine when you purchase a new one? It’s important to consider all of your options when deciding what to do with your old CPAP machine.


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