3 Keys to PAP Therapy Success: Practice, Care, Resupply

Key #1: Practice

PAP therapy often requires some time and effort to get used to. However, the more you use your CPAP, the sooner you adjust and start reaping the benefits. Here are some tips to help you get started and ease yourself into a routine that will have lasting results.

  • Try wearing your mask while reading in bed.
  • Use your CPAP every night.
  • Patience is key. Give yourself time to get used to using a CPAP.

Key #2: Care and Cleaning

The success of your sleep apnea treatment highly depends on taking proper care of your CPAP equipment. Luckily, this only requires minor daily and weekly cleaning, and does not take much time. Regular cleaning will help prolong the life of your mask and CPAP, and will ensure that your equipment is working at 100% efficiency to help you get the sleep your body needs, resulting in many improvements in your quality of life.

There are also some helpful devices out there, such as the SoClean 2 Automated CPAP Cleaner that will help you easily maintain this schedule.

  • Daily Care Recommended:
    • Humidifier: Remove and empty the remaining water. Rinse the humidifier with warm water, and let it air dry.
    • Mask: Disassemble your CPAP mask and clean it with mild soap and warm water. Let it air dry.
  • Weekly Care Recommended:
    • Mask: Inspect your CPAP mask cushion for any holes or tearing.
    • CPAP: Wipe the outside of your CPAP machine with a moist paper towel and let it air dry.
    • Tubing: Rinse the tubing with warm water and hang up to air dry. Inspect it for any holes or tearing.
    • Headgear: Wash your headgear using a mild detergent and warm water, either by hand or in the washing machine. NEVER place your headgear in the dryer – always let it air dry.

Key #3: Resupply

Replacing your CPAP supplies is one of the most important factors in maintaining a standard for compliance. While your cushion or pillow may still look good, there can be microscopic holes or tears. These invisible imperfections can cause leaks or even trap bacteria, compromising both your therapy and your health. You can download our CPAP Supplies Replacements Guide to help keep you on track to replace your CPAP mask and machine supplies when needed.

  • Every 14 days:
    • Disposable air filters
    • Nasal mask cushions and nasal pillows
  • Monthly:
    • Full face mask cushions
  • Every 3 Months:
    • Mask frame systems
    • Air tubing
  • Every 6 months:
    • Headgear
    • Humidifier water chamber

Hiro Health has all of the CPAP replacement parts and supplies that you will need to maintain the highest level of treatment for your sleep apnea. Access these supplies in the online store where you can easily stock up for your individual needs.

The information above is for educational use only. If you need specific medical advice about your sleep therapy options, please reach out to your physician, or call us to speak to a Hiro Health Wellness Team member at 866-764-2165 or email us at Support@hirohealth.com.

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