How CPAP Therapy Can Improve Your Love Life

Sleep is often a shared experience for many adults. This experience may become disturbing to partners who share a bed with someone who is suffering from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). This common sleep disorder is often associated with snoring, frequent sleep arousals, and temporary pauses in breathing, also known as apneas. Some couples resort to sleeping in separate bedrooms due to the disruptions caused by these symptoms. Because partners who sleep together are typically happier in their relationships, sleep loss may often result in frustration, exhaustion, and a strained love life.

Someone who is deprived of sleep may experience a direct hit to their sex life. When a person does not get enough quality rest, they experience low energy, fatigue, and sleepiness along with a decreased libido and reduced interest in sex. Also, men who suffer from sleep apnea have lower testosterone levels, reducing their ability to perform.

Luckily, sleep apnea is treatable. Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy is the first-line treatment for OSA. Studies show that regular use of CPAP can reduce breathing disturbances, improve sleep quality, and reduce blood pressure. This leads to an overall improved quality of life. Furthermore, it has been found that ongoing use of CPAP therapy may significantly enhance sexual function and satisfaction.

There are CPAP masks designed with partners in mind. The AirFit™ P10 nasal pillow mask is 50% lighter and quieter than many leading pillow masks on the market. Its design is so simple and effective, it was given a world-coveted Red Dot Award for product design.

If you or your partner suffer from OSA, CPAP therapy is a necessity. Not only will this treatment improve your physical health and quality of life, but it will likely lead to an improvement in your relationship. The National Institute of Health conducted a study that showed “partners of patients treated with CPAP had significantly greater improvements in marital satisfaction and less disagreements.” You can read the full study here.

The information above is for educational use only. If you need specific medical advice about your sleep therapy options, please reach out to your physician, or call us to speak to a Hiro Health Wellness Team member at 1-866-764-2165 or email us at

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